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School Safety


Happy and Safe
It is important that we create a community in the school where you know that your child will be safe and happy.
The school as a society requires rules and these must be obeyed by every pupil. Discipline is therefore very much our concern. The relationship between pupils and teacher is similar to that between child and parent, requiring mutual consideration. Most cases of indiscipline can be rectified by a quiet word from the class teacher or reprimand from the Head Teacher. We try to have a positive approach to discipline by encouraging and rewarding good behaviour with a variety of awards.
The school has an Anti-Bullying Policy. We stress that any concerns regarding bullying should be reported to the Head Teacher.

Medical and Health Care
The school nurse visits the school on a regular basis.  When required, and after consultation with parents, children are referred to the school doctor or relevant local clinic. In the event of any child taking ill or having and accident in school, the parents are contacted immediately and the appropriate action taken. Parents are asked to inform the school of any particular medical requirements which their child may have. Talks are given to the children in school, on subjects such as dental health, general hygiene and positive health care during class and assembly time.

Supervision of Playgrounds
An adult presence is provided in playgrounds at breaktimes in terms of the School (Safety and Provision of Pupils (Scotland) Regulations 1990.) Our school janitor, pupil and clerical support staff fulfil this role.

Wet Weather Provision
During very bad weather pupils are kept in school. Support staff and the janitor supervise classes.