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Glendale Primary School
120 McCulloch St
G41 1NX

Tel: 0141 429 6973


Pupil Absence Reporting

Glasgow's mainstream primary and secondary schools operate a generic pupil absence reporting service during the school week.  From August 2018 Parent/Carers or a named contact person can report their child's absence by using an online form and should register with myaccount to access this.

The form will make it easier to report a pupil's absence or appointment during our peak periods.

A pupil's sickness absence must be reported prior to 09.30 am on the day of the absence


Reporting a Pupil's Sickness or a Medical/Dental Appointment

If you have to report a pupil's Sickness or Medical/Dental Appointment, you can do this by using our online form.  On completion, your information will be passed on to your child's school. 

For reasons other than Sickness or Medical/Dental Appointments, please contact the school directly.  

Please note that you can also make a request by phoning 0141 287 0039 and providing the details requested by the operator.

The operator will then make sure the information is passed on to your child's school.

If your child attends an additional support for learning school or a Glasgow nursery then you should continue to phone your child's school/ nursery directly to report the absence.