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Enrolment Procedures


Children who are 4 years of age on or before 28th February each year should be enrolled at a Primary School.  Registration of such children will take place usually in November, and is done online via the Glasgow City Council website.

If your child is going to be a placement request you should register your child for your catchment school and ask for a placing request to Glendale. If you intend making a placing request for Glendale, it would be helpful to let the school office know.


In May of each year this school runs an informal programme for parents and new entrants. An invitation is sent out to invite parents to bring the new entrants to the school for one hour a day over a week, depending on our numbers, sometimes this is extended to two hourly sessions in school.

In school the children will be with the class teacher and other teachers who work in the Primary 1 Class each day.  Through a variety of activities such as painting, storytelling, cutting and sticking, the teachers will begin to get to know each child and help the child to feel welcome to the school.  On the first occasion parents meet with the head teacher to talk about the school and parents working in will partnership together.

This programme of visits helps the child to get to know his/her teacher and so makes it easier for her to settle to school in August.  Also it allows parents to get to know the staff who will be working with their children, and to raise any concerns they may have about their child and school.


In September of each year the Depute Head Teacher, with a responsibility of the infant department, will run two workshops for parents of Primary 1 on Reading and Mathematics.  This will help parents to find out how the school teaches their children and in what ways parents can continue to develop their children’s learning at home.

Any parent wishing to visit the school prior to registering their child is most welcome to do so.  Arrangement to visit can be made by telephoning the school beforehand when an appointment can be made.