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Welcome to our school

Welcome to Glendale Primary School

Glendale Primary is a multi racial, non-denominational school on the South side of Glasgow.  We are proud of the great social, cultural and religious mix of families who make up our school population.  All members of staff with our parent and pupils aim to develop a caring ethos in which every child can develop and flourish.  We hope that our children will be happy and confident in our school and that they will go on to achieve their very best in their school work, their self esteem and in their social development. The aims of the school through its ethos, curriculum and methodology are :

To educate our pupils to enable them to achieve their full potential both academically and socially;

To encourage in all pupils the attitudes and concepts of respect, justice, freedom and equality;

To develop in all pupils the self discipline and the skills which will enable them to achieve their potential both within school and throughout their lives; and

To work in partnership with parents to ensure the best for all our pupils.

We hope the following pages will give you a flavour of our school. Should any questions remain unanswered, we will be only too happy to help.

Ms E. Laird